Holly Baxter Norton is a Coach/Dietitian🍏, WBFF Pro Runner Up World Champ🌎 and aldo co founder of Team Biolayne, Carbon Diet Coach and Outwork Nutrition Official. Also she is a wife to PhD Layne Norton.

You can find more about Holly on her instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hollytbaxter/

1) Holly and her journey as a Coach

2) What does her day look like?

3) How is it to have a partner who is also a Coach/contestant. Do you support each other?

4) What would she recommend to pairs who want to lose fat together – how can we support our partners in a positive way?

5) PCOS specifics – how to take it into account as a coach when dieting.

6) PCOS and Bikini prep specifics.

7) How does she adjust your nutritional/training plan during a woman’s menstruation while dieting for a show/just losing weight for health.

8) Most misunderstood myths about women menstruation and fitness/dieting (we want to educate mainly male coaches so they understand women clients better).

9) Are there any supplements you would recommend to „all“ high performance athletes?

10) How to accept the fact that „you really need a reverse diet“ – how to accept your body in a „less ripped state“.

11) How to solve tastes during menstruation when dieting? How to not end up with a „cheat day“ following 5 hours of gym training to „burn what I did so I do not get fat“.

12) Emotional eating / binge eating – what would you advise to girls who have this problem?

13) How much time should you invest in cardio training during contest prep.

14) How to choose the right personal trainer?

15) One thing she would like to advise to everyone.

Be Effective

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