James Krieger is scientist, author, coach, stock trader, and the brains behind Weightology, FitProFinancial (@fitprofinancial), and StockWonk (@stockwonk).

Topics discussed:

1) How long should I rest between sets if my goal is hypertrophy vs strength

2) Is failure necessary?

3) “When should I add more volume and how?”

4) How many sets beginners should do and how that changes as you get more advanced

5) If you should “cycle” your volume

6) How to specialize certain muscle groups

7) Practical differences in training between a competitor and general population

8) Deloading while dieting. How to go about it?

9) What to do to avoid binging?

10) Reverse dieting

11) How Important Is Testosterone For Building Muscle?

12) Why Has Testosterone Levels Decreased In The Last 30 Years? (and did it really happen?)

13) The Role of Obesity In Decreased Testosterone Level?

14) TRT

15) Why have you started stock trading and are there some tips you wished you knew when you were starting?

16) One thing you would recommend to anyone.

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