Hello I am Martin Barna On-line Nutrition and Fitness and I will be your host for this podcast. Later on the recording will be released on my spotify, YouTube and FB, you can find all the links on www.martinbarna.cz

Many thanks to the Institute of modern nutrition, Miloslav and Lukas for their cooperation and shared enthusiasm for spreading science based information from the best in the world.

Our Honorable guest for today is Professor Stuart Phillips. Professor Phillips is an experienced speaker who seeks to popularize the topics of protein intake, physical activity and healthy aging. He has already given more than 300 public lectures on these topics for academics and the general public. He has also won awards for his teaching activities at McMaster University.

Professor Phillips has received several grants and awards for his scientific activities. He is also an expert and a key leader in protein research in terms of exercise, weight reduction and aging. He is even one of the most cited scientists in the world in the field of protein research!

Instagram: @mackinprof

FB: Stuart Phillips, PhD

Today´s program will include:

First 50 minutes a lecture about An Evidence-Based Approach to Understanding Resistance Training will take place.

Topics Professor Phillips will cover:

– what is evidence-based resistance training?

– How much of an effect does protein have on muscle gains?

– Does load drive hypertrophic or strength adaptations?

– Are systemic hormonal changes affecting hypertrophy?

Then there´s 10 minutes for our questions


1. Differences in protein intake men/women. Do women need same amounts per kg of bodyweight?

2. His opinion on protein leverage hypothesis. Is it real thing in humans?

3a. Does higher protein intake lead to faster aging? Does it depend on particular amino acids (methionine etc.)?

3b. What is optimal for longevity regarding protein intake? My theory is that theoretically it would be best to restrict proteins in adulthood and then increase protein intake in older age because of sarcopenia and anabolic resistance.

4) Does leucine/animal source matter opposing to, for example, plant based protein intake only, when enough daily protein is consumed? (new paradigm in protein science?)

Ending Thank you for your time, Professor Phillips. We are honored to be able to learn from such a world class scientist.

Next livestreams will be Karl Nadolsky on endocrinology/hormones and Gabrielle Fundaro, PhD (VitaminPhD IG) on gut microbiome/myths

Farewell and thanks to Professor Phillips and Institute of modern nutrition as well as the audience.

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